Adventurous things to do during your stay at Fair Game Farm

Mountain Biking

Please note: This activity is closed untill further notice due to route changes

Day visitors @ R185.00 per person, per day

Routes to pick:

15km route - Easy for adults with children
20km route - Relaxed riders
40km route - Expert riders with obstacles

Another route will take you to the remains of the original farm house from the 1800’s. This site is called Murasie (Ruin) and there you will see the remains of three small houses.

Hiking, mountain climbing routes & Bushman Paintings

Day visitors @ R50.00 per person, per day

Hikers and Climbers can plan their own routes or use designated routes. These designated routes will either take you to the waterfall at the back of the farm or to the two different mountains where ancient bushman paintings can be explored.


While enjoying these nature filled routes, with a little luck and quietness you may catch sight of a Kudu (Koedoe), Oryx (Gemsbok), Blesbuck (Blesbok), White-tailed Gnu (Swartwildebees), Springbok, Rooikat (Caracal), Jackal, Steenbok, Zebra, Eland, Rabbits, Grey Reebuck (Grys Ribbok), Rock Rabits (Dassies), Duikers, Klipspringer (African Chamois), Eagles, Falcons and Ducks.

For the more relaxed

If you want to relax and feel a little lazy, enjoy the Dam by taking a swim or a leisurely row in the boat and do a little bird watching.

Our Farm

A working farm with sheep and cattle for the children to look at to touch and to experience farm life in reality.